Double Stuffed

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Our friend came over again the other night. We hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks and were so ready for some fun! He and I were texting and he asked if she was going to be tied up and ready when he got here. I told him yes and she would also be blindfolded and working her pussy with one of her favorite toys until he showed up. The straps were a bit short for our kin sized bed, so we skipped that. She was blindfolded and toying herself though when he arrived.
Double Stuffed

He came in and we went to the bedroom and she was spread and a toy buried in her pussy. He grabbed onto one of her big tits and began rubbing her clit at the same time. We both stripped and began to work on her. I slid between her thighs and pushed her legs wide apart. Her freshly shaved pussy was beautiful! I shoved my tongue deep in her hole as he shoved his big dick in her mouth. She pushed her mouth down around his dick as I continued sucking her sweet wet pussy. vip escort paris

Eventually he jumped up and I turned her around so he could get his cock inside her. She slid to the edge of the bed and hung her head down so I could feed her my dick as he began pounding her dripping hole. I held her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. She was moaning as our cocks filled her from both ends. I slid to the side of them and reached down and grabbed her thighs and pulled her wide so he could get deeper into her hot hole. I grabbed at the sides of her cunt and opened her for him. My cock throbbed seeing her take his cock thrust after thrust. His cock was stiff as steel and slid into her time and time again. My mouth watered. My dick twitched. It was such an awesome sight seeing her hole fucked up close. I slid a finger into her ass and could feel his shaft sliding deep in her. I rubbed her clit and spread her long pussy lips as much as possible to let his dick slide into her easier. He pumped her pussy repeatedly - hard and fast. She was moaning and gasping as she took his dick. It was fucking awesome seeing her hole full of his fat dick!

He pulled out of her and got on his back. She climbed onto him and sat her pussy down around him. I pushed her forward and got behind and slid my cock in next to his. the feeling was amazing! We began to alternately slide our dicks into stretched pussy. She gasped as we filled her up. I pulled out 2 or 3 times to keep from cumming from the intense feelings his cock and her pussy were causing. We swapped place and I got under her. She took my dick and he slipped in behind her and began banging her pretty good for a few minutes. This didn't last long as we couldn't quite get the angle right and I kept slipping out of her.

I pushed her head over the edge of the bed and she opened her mouth to suck him. I sucked her wet and swollen pussy for a few minutes, enjoying the taste of her freshly fucked hole. I then mounted her and began fucking her as I watched his cock disappear between her lips. his cock was beautiful and wet and stiff. My mouth watered watching her taste him. I leaned down and took over swallowing him as she sucked on his full balls. I knew I wouldn't last long. Fucking my girl while my mouth was full of cock has been a fantasy for a long time. As I pounded her dripping hole, I continued to suck his big cock. Taking his whole length down my throat. He was hard and warm and I couldn't get enough of his dick in my mouth. It didn't take long as I swallowed his cock to the hilt and buried my dick in her and came like I haven't in a long time! best cum in years!!!

I rolled off of her and he got on his back and she began sucking and stroking him. I got behind her and rubbed her body down and grabbed at his muscular thighs as he got close to cumming. Eventually he began to shoot off as she still stroked him and tugged on his balls. I loved watching him cum all over her hands and face! It was the best 3some we have had so far! Can't wait to do it again!